Uoriki Fresh brings you All Natural products.  We believe food that is unaltered by color, CO gas treatments, or additives is far superior and nutritious.

Uoriki Fresh brings you Traceable products. We believe where your food comes from and how it came to your table is smart.

Uoriki Fresh brings you Sustainable products. Working closely with local fishermen and farms to support the environment and the future of our food sources.

Uoriki Fresh is all about Safety and Quality. As an SQF 2000 – Level III facility, we carefully inspect each product we sell, ensuring you receive consistent quality and unparalleled safety.

Uoriki Fresh brings you Traditional products. Some foods should never change, and we strive to provide traditional and natural products that are essential to delivering a pure and true taste to your dishes.


Why SuperFrozen?

Fresh seafood may well be the best there is, that is… If you can get it right off the boat.

The Future and the next best to Fresh is SuperFrozen Seafood, when Fish and Seafood are suspended in time and space at ultra low temperatures right after they are caught, then revived to taste “Fresher than Fresh!”…

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Is Your Tuna Natural?

Why does conventional Frozen Tuna often appear so bright watermelon red in color?

Freezing tuna in the conventional manner is NOT COLD ENOUGH to halt microbiological activity. In fact, tuna will continue to turn brown during the conventional freezing process, and the rate at which it turns ….

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Natural Sushi Ingredients

The Evolution of Sushi using Natural and Organic ingredients. Sushi is more popular than ever. Sushi enthusiasts are more knowledgeable and are seeking natural, traceable, sustainable, non-GMO, and even gluten-free ingredients. Uoriki Fresh is the only SQF 2000 Level III producer of sushi ingredients used by top sushi chefs.

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