“Uoriki” the “Power of the Fish”

“Uo” means “Fish” and “Riki” means “The Power of” in Japanese

At Uoriki Fresh, we believe in the sanctity of life and respect all creatures great and small from oceans, lakes, and rivers of our world. We thank them for their sacrifice and for providing sustenance for us and try to respect this belief by utilizing as much of the creature with no waste.

Uoriki Fresh, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Japan’s Top Fishmonger, Uoriki Co., Ltd., a public company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with an 80-year history and over $300m in annual sales. Uoriki Co., Ltd. operates 60 seafood markets, 6 restaurants, and is the largest single buyer at the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

Uoriki Fresh Inc. is an American seafood company with deep affiliations around the world. In 2005, this company began to distribute SuperFrozen tuna to the Japanese restaurant market and also introduced it to the US chefs. At the same time the fresh tuna market was becoming more challenging with supply diminishing and prices rising. As SuperFrozen tuna is the alternative product for fresh tuna, the timing was perfect.

In 2006, we built, in Secaucus NJ, the most technically advanced SuperFrozen facility in North America. We invested in training staff, create shipping partnerships, built special ULT freezers, put distributors in place, all in preparation to serve you. Uoriki Fresh has the largest worldwide supply chain network of SuperFrozen tuna.

All-Natural Sushi Program Resource
Since 2005, Uoriki Fresh has grown to become the key resource for chefs, seafood managers, and sushi operators seeking to upgrade their sushi program to all-natural, fully traceable programs. In addition, we work with clients to create a path to fully sustainable programs.