Need Fresh Tuna?  Think SuperFrozen! – Sashimi Quality and Supreme Taste

Use what top chefs use?  SuperFrozen gives you consistency of product and grade quality, availability and delivery.  SuperFrozen revives to exactly the moment before it was frozen.

Even the most experienced chefs are impressed with how fresh SuperFrozen tuna can be, like “Just-out-of-the-Water” tuna. Loss of moisture and flavor is the primary complaint of the professional chef when using conventional frozen tuna products. Unlike with standard freezing, there is no water loss with properly defrosted SuperFrozen tuna. SuperFrozen Benefits product

  • Natural product. Never gas or smoke treated.
  • Same grade, color range, and quality every time
  • No waste or loss witih this top quality product.
  • No product loss whatsoever = 100% Yield
  • 80% of tuna sold in Japan is SuperFrozen.
  • The Choice of Japanese chefs for almost 30 years
  • 3 month fixed price agreements are available.


 From the Experts:

“I’ve pretty much stopped using all tuna expect super-frozen. The quality is spectacular. There’s a reason why 80% of tunas going into Japan are frozen. The quality is unmatched. It’s a consistent product.”

The Oceanaire, Orlando
Executive chef and operating partner

“When I was presented with SuperFrozen tuna back in Japan, I was skeptical, but quickly became a believer. It is amazingly like tuna that is only hours old in every aspect. In fact, I see my SuperFrozen tuna move into rigor mortis when I defrost it.”

Top Sushi Chef, New York City

“The consistent pricing and consistent quality super-frozen tuna offers is hard to find with fresh tuna. Super-frozen has a consistent texture and color”

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Chicago