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American Sashimi™ is based on the belief that the fish swimming off the coasts of North America are no different to those off of Japan and are as good for sushi use, if not better. American Sashimi™ is a premium line of sashimi quality fish caught in American waters which are “Sustainable and Traceable” and produced by Uoriki Fresh, Inc., an American company owned by Japan’s top fishmonger. American Sashimi™ is respect for fish in how we catch, transport, process, and deliver it to your kitchen. Uoriki Fresh works with our fishermen and fish farms to properly harvest and process fish through careful handling and use of the “Ikejime” kill method. American Sashimi™ is processed in a ISO 2000 SQF Level III certified facility, the highest food processing certification possible to achieve.  To quickly preserve the fish naturally, it is frozen quickly to an ultra-low temperature of -76° F. This ensures food safety and produces products that are “Fresher than Fresh” when revived. American Sashimi™ provides chefs with sashimi quality fish for use in traditional and non-traditional sushi recipes without concern for freshness, or loss due to shrink.