Kitchen Preparation – Defrosting and Handling

Defrosting SuperFrozen products is different from standard frozen products, but just as easy.

Simply rinse Superfrozen tuna in running water, then soak it in warm salty water for two minutes, and lastly cover with a damp towel and store it in the refrigerator until ready to use. When defrosting, you may actually see signs of rigor mortis. As stated, the tuna revives to where it was at the point of freezing. This is also an indication of the quality and freshness. The freshness of the revived tuna is reflected by the bright, vibrant, deep red color the tuna regains, the natural hue of freshly caught tuna. This immediate revival, combined with top quality product, and negligible drip, allows you to plan a menu without concern for whether you will have a tuna delivery or not.

Download SuperFrozen Tuna Defrosting Instructions: